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Service Award for a Polio Free World

Purpose of the Award: This award was established by the Trustees of the Rotary Foundation in order to recognize outstanding contributions to the effort by Rotarians since 1 November 1992 and thereby to encourage final efforts.
Service to be Recognized: Active personal service is required by the prospective recipient of the award. Personal financial contributions, however noteworthy, are not a basis for the award. Outstanding service in the field of advocacy, however, is not precluded as a consideration for the award. Fundraising efforts that support Rotary’s PolioPlus program may be considered in the evaluation of nominees for the award.
Deadline for applications: 1st October each year
Criteria and Guidelines
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Polio Pioneer Award

This award is made to honor Rotarians who provided extraordinary service on the ultimate goal of polio eradication. This award specifically recognizes Rotarians who performed outstanding service to the ultimate cause of polio eradication prior to 1 November 1992.

Who can nominate: Rotarians

Deadline: 1 October each year

Nomination Form