Acronyms used in Rotary. No matter how much we try to avoid them, they are still used, and there are so many it is really confusing.
Below is a list for browsing, but if you really want a very comprehensive list, download this PDF document, nine pages of acronyms!
3-H Health, Hunger & Humanity
AG Assistant Governor
AGM Annual General Meeting
APF Annual Programs Fund
COL Council On Legislation
COP Code of Policies 
DDF District Designated Fund (Share Program)
DG District Governor
DGE District Governor Elect
DGN District Governor Nominee 
DGND District Governor Nominee Designate
D-I-K Donations in Kind 
DLP  District Leadership Plan 
DLT  District Leadership Team 
DRR District Rotaract Representative
DRFC District Rotary Foundation Chair
DT District Trainer 
EREY  Every Rotarian Every Year
FAIM Fourth Avenue in Motion
GSE Group Study Exchange
HESS Honeywell Engineering Summer School 
ICUFR  International Computer Users Fellowship of Rotarians
IPDG Immediate Past District Governor 
IPP  Immediate Past President
ITHF International Travel & Hosting Fellowship 
LOA  Leave Of Absence
MG Matching Grant 
MOP  Manual of Procedure
MPHF Multiple Paul Harris Fellow
MUNA Model United Nations Assembly
NGO Non-government organization, perhaps involved in a project 
NID  National Immunization Day
NYSF National Youth Science Forum 
OD  Official Directory (RI)
P President 
PDG Past District Governor
PE President Elect
PEF Permanent Endowment Fund
PETS Presidents Elect Training Seminar
PHF Paul Harris Fellow 
PHS  Paul Harris Society (District) 
PHSM  Paul Harris Sustaining Member
PP Past President
PF Permanent Fund
PRID  Past Rotary International Director 
PRIP  Past Rotary International President 
PRIT Past Rotary International Treasurer
PRIVP Past Rotary International Vice President
PROBUS (Retired) Professional & Business Club
RAG  Rotarian Action Group
RAM Rotarians Against Malaria​
RAWCS Rotary Australia World Community Service​
RC Rotary Club
RFE Rotary Friendship Exchange 
RFSM Rotary Foundation Sustaining Member
RI Rotary International 
RIBI  Rotary International Great Britain and Ireland 
RID  Rotary International Director 
RIDE  Rotary International Director Elect 
RIMZC  Rotary International Membership Zone Coordinator 
RIP  Rotary International President 
RIPE Rotary International President Elect
RISPPO Rotary International South Pacific & Philippines Office 
RITS  Rotary International Travel Service 
RIVP Rotary International Vice President
RLI  Rotary Leadership Institute 
ROAR Rotary Organisation of Amateur Radio​
ROMAC Rotary Oceania Medical Aid for Children​
ROTI  Rotarians On The Internet 
RRFC  Regional Rotary Foundation Coordinator 
RTN Rotarian 
RYE Rotary Youth Exchange 
RYLA  Rotary Youth Leadership Award 
RYPEN  Rotary Youth Program of Enrichment
RYTS Rotary District 9640 Youth Transition Seminar 
SAR  Semi Annual Report (Club to RI)
SE Science Experience
SWSL Save Water Save Lives
TARFT The Australian Rotary Foundation Trust
TPF The Permanent Fund
TRF The Rotary Foundation
WCS World Community Service 
YEP  Youth Exchange Program 
YIR  Yours in Rotary 
YIRS  Yours In Rotary Service