Explore new cultures and discover diverse perspectives by participating in a Friendship Exchange, Rotary’s international exchange program for Rotary members and their families. Not only will you help advance peace and international understanding, but your friendship can lead to future service projects.

Choose from the following types of exchange programs:

  • Visitor: Individual Rotary members and their families spend up to a week in a Rotary member’s home abroad.
  • Team: Several Rotary members or couples visit communities in the host area for up to one month.
  • Univocational: Rotary members who share the same profession see how their job is done in another country.
  • Volunteer/service: Rotary members take part in a service activity while visiting their host club.

Learn more in the Rotary Friendship Exchange Handbook. 

Learn more about Rotary Friendship Exchange at the Rotary International website.

General Information for Rotary Friendship Exchange Participants



ROTARY District 9640 Australia

D9640 is a very beautiful part of Australia straddling two states – southern Queensland and north eastern  New South Wales. Comprising  1240 Rotarians in 54 clubs our district is 250km from north to south and 400km east to west covering a total area of 80 000 sq km.

Our district includes a diversity of landscapes, climate, industries and of course, Rotary clubs. On the east, it is bound by the south Pacific coastal strip of some of the best surf beaches in Australia from the famous Gold Coast in the north to Grafton in the Northern Rivers region of NSW.

The adjacent hinterland contains subtropical rainforests in world heritage listed National Parks. Our district includes tablelands of the Great Dividing Range, New England tablelands and Granite Belt and contain peaks to 1200 metres. Western slopes extend to Goondiwindi and contain the headwaters of the giant Murray-Darling River system.

The District 9640 Chair of Rotary Friendship Exchange is PDG Wendy Scarlett.  

A map of the location of Rotary District 9640 clubs is available here