A Guide to Visual Content for Social Media [Infographic]

As you likely already know, visuals are now an essential element of any social media marketing strategy. Initially, long, text-based posts were the primary communications option on Facebook, which were soon replaced with short and spicy messages, ala Twitter. And with the passage of time, and the development of technology, we've seen that shift move towards more visual based content - first images, now video - in accompaniment, and often replacing entirely, text. 

But despite the rise of social networks, and the changing interactive landscape, there are many companies and brands that are still struggling to generate leads from the medium. But you can stand out with the help of well designed and crafted visuals. Put your efforts into delivering quality over quantity, and users will start recognizing you as an authentic and valuable resource, relevant to their interests.

This infographic provides some expert tips to help you to craft and spread visuals across social channels to help boost your fair market share.

Click on the image to see the full graphic.